How Do You Cook In A Rice Cooker?

The rice cooker is a very handy kitchen appliance, especially if you want your rice cooking slowly.

The liquid in the rice boils quickly with reduced air pressure while the cooker remains closed.

No need to worry about the inner temperature, most rice cookers come with a temperature sensor.

This post contains details of how to cook in a rice cooker. Read on to discover more!

  1. How The Rice Cooker Works
  2. How To Cook Rice In A Rice Cooker?
    1. Rinse the rice
    2. Add water to the rice
    3. Turn on the cooker
    4. Let it sit

How The Rice Cooker Works

Water boils at 213 °F (100 °F), the high temperature of the rice cooker gets up to 300 °F.

Since the recipe is made up of water and rice, the cooker heats up to 100 °C and remains at this temperature until the rice absorbs the water completely.

When that is done, the rice cooker switches to keep warm.

Sometimes, this might not be the case with most cookers. It is very important to read the manufacturer’s manual for instructions.

How To Cook Rice In A Rice Cooker?

You'd need cups of rice, depending on the cooker brand. Some cookers take up to 8 cups while some only contain 2 cups of rice. You'd also need water and salt.

Choose the type of rice you want

This is the first thing to do before cooking in the rice cooker. There are several kinds of rice grains. There is the;

  • Long grain rice. They are lighter and longer.
  • Medium grain rice. They are not as long as the long grain rice but they are chewy.
  • Short grain rice. They are the smallest size of rice grain and are best for sushi rice.
  • Medium size rice grains are more preferable when using a rice cooker.

Rinse the rice

The next step is to rinse the rice to remove excess starch and debris. You can do that at least twice.

Since the pot is detachable from the cooker, you can wash your rice in it. Just swirl it in with your hands and pour out the starchy water and repeat the process.

Add water to the rice

This process is a little bit tricky. You don’t want your rice mushy or half done. You need to add just the right amount of water.

The ratio of the water to the rice should be 1:1. That is one cup of water to one cup of rice.

If you are cooking two cups, you'd be adding two cups of water.

This ratio is enough to produce a perfectly fluffy rice.

Turn on the cooker

After adding an equal ratio of rice and water into the pot, replace the pot with the cooker and power it.

Most digital cookers come with fancy buttons in addition to the power button for different cooking options.

Read the instruction manual to make sure you are doing it right. Once you start cooking, keep the lid shut so you don't lose heat or steam.

When food is done, most rice cookers automatically switch to the “keep warm”, while some require that you do that manually.

Let it sit

If you'd be eating it immediately, open the cooker to allow moisture to evaporate a little.

If you are not in a hurry, you can allow the rice to sit in the cooker for At least 5 minutes before serving.

Apart from cooking rice, there are other recipes to make using a rice cooker.

Some of them include; grains like barley and quinoa, pancakes, chicken recipes (chicken curry and chicken chili), frittata, ribs, etc.

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