How Do You Clean A Rice Cooker?

Rice is a staple food in thousands of homes. Its preparation is simple and does not require scientific methods or overly elaborate steps.

However, achieving uniform cooking, good taste and great visual appeal is not always easy. Therefore, acquiring a rice cooker can help you get the right point, and the most delicious dishes in less time!

In addition, steaming is healthier than other types of preparations, since it does not require the use of oils or fats for frying.

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A rice cooker is an appliance that facilitates your cooking activities. You can not only prepare rice. Some incorporate methods to prepare other cereals, grains and even white meats.

You will cook healthier. In turn, you will have greater energy and time savings. Contrary to other traditional cooking methods, since your rice cooker can prepare food even in 15 minutes, depending on the dish and the quantity.

Cleanliness is essential. Most of these pots incorporate removable containers so that they can be washed separately. Thanks to this, you can take good care of all its accessories. Remember that, to rub them, it must be with soft materials, in this way you avoid scratches.

But How do you clean a rice cooker?

The rice cookers are easy to use and clean. However, it is essential that you give it the best possible care. To do this, clean it after each use, to prevent food from sticking and stains that are difficult to remove. With the steps that we name below, we help you know how to perform this procedure:

Look for the instructions!: There are particularities that change from one pot to another, since, being electrical appliances, there are aspects that can change in the design or the removable elements. Based on this, some ways of cleaning may change.

Unplug your rice cooker: Remove its lid, then let it cool completely. This takes 30 minutes to an hour. After cooling, remove the removable parts.

Wash the inner pot and accessories: Soak it first, if necessary. You can wash it in the dishwasher, but if your kitchen doesn't have one, scrub it with soap, hot water, and a soft sponge to avoid scratches.

Clean the lid: If it is removable, simply add soap and rinse with warm water. If it can't come off, use a damp scrubbing sponge and then a towel, being very careful not to let the water get on the walls of the pot.

Removes stains from the outside: Normally, this area can be stained with residue. To remove them, use a damp cloth. If your rice cooker allows it, you can spray some cleaning solution, but remember, never on the inside!

Dry the pieces: Let everything you wash drain. Follow this up with a dry towel to prevent the accessories from getting wet. Remember that everything must be completely dry to reassemble.

This is all about how do you clean a rice cooker. Now is your turn.

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