Crockpot Temperatures Guide

The cooking temperature speaks volumes about a meal. If you will be using the crockpot, it’s better to be knowledgeable of the temperature guide. Discover our Crockpot temperatures guide.You don’t want to overcook or undercook your meal. However, how hot a crockpot get is dependent on the cooker brand and the cooking time.

There are several types of cooker brands, so it is advisable to read the user’s guide before using it.

This post contains the crockpot temperature guide and some cooking tips regarding the temperature. Read on to find out more!

  1. At What Temperature Do Crockpots Cook?
    1. Low Heat Temperature
    2. High Heat Temperature
  2. Keep Warm Temperature
    1. Crockpot Cook Time Converter
  3. Temperature Cooking Tips
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At What Temperature Do Crockpots Cook?

A crockpot generally has 3 temperature options. The low heat, high heat, and the keep warm option.

Low Heat Temperature

The low heat settings cook meals at 190 °F/87 °C. Unlike the gas stove, crockpots are not exposed to open flame and they warm up slowly.

The exact temperature varies, depending on the cooking time.

High Heat Temperature

The high heat settings cook meals at 300 °F/149 °C. Nevertheless, If the food contains a lot of fluid, the temperature will remain just at the boiling point of water.

No matter how high the temperature gets, the liquid does not exceed the boiling point of water (212 °F). That’s why its metric is more focused on time rather than temperature.

A crockpot will reach the ideal cooking temperature after 8 hours on low heat or 4 hours on high heat.

The difference between the low heat and high heat is that the low setting takes more time to get to the simmering point.

Keep Warm Temperature

The keep-warm temperature is at 140 °F/74 °C. This setting is not ideal for cooking, but for maintaining the internal temperature of the food when served.

If you are worried about the safety of your food in the cooker, heat water in it on low heat for 8 hours.

Check the temperature of the water. If it exceeds 185-200 °F, then there is a tendency for your food to overcook after 8 hours without stirring it.

Crockpot Cook Time Converter

Hight Heat (hours)Low Heat (hours)

The time required to cook on low heat is approximately double the time it takes to cook on high heat. But, there are exceptions to this, like in the case of cooking meat.

Meat CutWeight LbsLow Cook Time (Hours)High Cook Time (Hours)
Pork Roast6-79 hrs. 30 min.7 hrs. 20 min.
Poultry67 hrs. 30 min.6 hrs. 15 min.
Beef Roast3-48 hrs.5 hrs. 45 min.
Stweet Meat36 hrs.4 hrs. 45 min.
Fish23 hrs. 30 min.1 hr. 30 min.

Temperature Cooking Tips

Start cooking meat in chunks, not cuts, while it is fresh or thawed. Not frozen.

When cooking meat, begin with high heat for almost one hour before slow cooking it.

Only cook recipes that will include water.

The inner temperature should be up to 160 °F.

Do not reheat food in a crockpot, rather, use the “keep warm” option.

Keep the lid on while cooking. You lose 10 to 15 degrees each time you open the lid.

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