10 Reasons To Buy A Slow Cooker

Let's talk about the reasons you should consider buying a slow cooker for your home. They have become very popular but are they worth it? Yes, of course. We tell you why you should have one, how they work and why they have become so famous.

The slow cooker is amazing kitchen equipment. The first of them saw the light thanks to its inventor Naxon Beanery, who inspired by his grandmother, created it in the 50's. Its roots are closely linked to the Jewish religious practice of honoring the Sabbath, and since then they have evolved in technology, aesthetics and functionality.

If you've thought about buying one of these cookers and haven't made up your mind or are unfamiliar with them, here are ten reasons why a slow cooker is an excellent buy.

  1. Healthy
  2. Removables
  3. Very easy to use
  4. Everything is delicious, restaurant
  5. You save time
  6. You can cook practically anything
  7. You can find an infinity of quick and simple recipes online
  8. Reasonable price for your utility
  9. Saving money
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  10. Recommended products


We have always liked to cook relatively healthy. Without frying, not so much dough, with some licenses of course, but based on a lot of vegetables, meats, legumes ... recipes that generally require some attention and time, a luxury between classes in online schools, work and the house itself.

Slow cooker recipes rarely require a lot of extra oil or fat, as they use little water and a long time to cook food. Therefore, as long as you eliminate the fat from minor cuts of meat or others, you will be serving a meal with much less fat than the one that is prepared by frying or the one offered in the restaurants and that the deliveries bring you.

Slow cookers allow you to cook a meal for a large family in one place. Some recipes say that you must fry some vegetables beforehand, but it is not necessary, you can put everything in the pot and that's it. Thus, it gets very little dirty and there is not so much to wash afterwards. As a consequence, you can spend more time tidying up your house, working, enjoying your family or having a well-deserved rest; and less time with your hands in pots or pans after preparing each meal.


In addition, the pots themselves are removable, mine is ceramic for example, which goes inside this stainless steel cover. But since it is easy to remove, they are simple to wash and can also be put in the dishwasher if you have one. If not, their materials are usually easy to clean because nothing sticks.

Very easy to use

There is no science behind a slow cooker. It is not like a kitchen robot for example, with which you have to be attentive or attentive, paying attention to the instructions and the time. In it you put all the ingredients, you choose if you want low or high cooking and the time. And voila, nothing more. You go to work, to sleep or to do what you have to do. We continue with more arguments to consider to buy a slow cooker for your home.

Everything is delicious, restaurant

If you are bad at cooking, this is what you need. You can become the best chef or, to be honest, your pot is going to make you the best chef, because you do nothing.

Slow cookers serve to offer delicious meals that usually take a long time to cook and a lot of expertise, but the result, a beef stew, a boeuf bourguignon or a strip roast with barbeque sauce, to say a few, are very very easy. Ceramic or earthenware pots and slow cooking improve the flavor of any food and it is impossible for something to go wrong, at most you will need a little more salt or pepper.

You save time

Any recipe prep is greatly reduced as most of them only require cleaning and chopping the ingredients before putting them in the pot; forget about sautéing, baking, boiling and frying, whatever. Plus, as we already told you, you'll also save time cleaning as you really only need to clean the ceramic pot afterwards (you can even make this step easier even if you're using slow cooker liners). What you are going to have to wash will be the knife and the board you use. After a long day at work, you can come home to enjoy a homemade dish and voila!

But with slow cookers, you can easily prepare your food early in the morning, before you go out, set it on low heat all day, and enjoy the sweet fruit of their labor when you get home in the evening. You don't need much more than half an hour in the morning to get everything ready. Or if you want, if getting up early costs you, you can leave the pot running at night and the next day when you arrive, you just heat.

For those unfamiliar, slow cookers have high and low cook settings but also come with a warming feature, which keeps hot foods at a lower temperature without cooking further - a real treat.

You can cook practically anything

Everyone thinks you can use slow cookers to make pulled pork, shredded meat, and some roasts, but did you also know that you can make a casserole, chicken tikka masala, Mongolian beef, pizza, lasagna, puddings, cheescakes, and other sweet things.

You can find an infinity of quick and simple recipes online

There are tons of recipes on the internet, from salty things to sweet things. Meats and legumes are indescribably delicious.

Reasonable price for your utility

The best thing is that the prices are very reasonable considering how much they can contribute.

Saving money

Let's go with the last argument that you should consider to buy a slow cooker for your home: Saving money.

Slow cookers can also significantly reduce your grocery bill by allowing you to buy cheaper cuts of meat and tenderize them over low heat for longer. It is very difficult for a piece of meat to be tough. Vegetarians can also cut their bills by using a slow cooker to soak and cook beans, rather than buying those that come in ready-made boxes. Here your pot leaves you the vegetables ready without effort.

Cooking with a pot is also very economical compared to the running costs of an oven. There are those who have made their measurements known on the internet. A woman on her blog recounts that using a power meter she discovered that her slow cooker consumes around 250 watts, while an electric oven can consume up to 4000 watts, depending on what she's cooking. This means, she explains, that using a conventional electric oven for an hour can cost you around 20 cents, while operating such a pot for 7 hours costs only 10 cents, a 50% energy savings.

Lastly, you can save a lot of money by using leftovers from food and storing, freezing, and organizing the week well.


Multicookers can be good options to expand the cookbook. Multifunction cookers not only cook slowly, but typically have 5 functions: sauté, bake, broil, steam, and slow cook.

10 reasons to buy a slow cooker.

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